Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Rebrand


The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce needed a fresh look for their 125th anniversary. Showcased above are just a few pieces that have been revisited with the new look and feel.


The Design

The Phoenix Chamber has been around for 125 years. When deciding on what direction to go with this design, we wanted to make sure that it looked classic and held up with it’s history. The logo itself utilizes the Phoenix that was included in the previous logo design. For the color choice, we went with black and white, and decided to predominantly use photos that are in black and white as well as to create a more aged look.

To avoid using only black and white, we decided to add a secondary color. The red was inspired by the overall color palette in Phoenix. Many Phoenix companies utilize a shade of red: The Cardinals, the Diamondbacks, City of Phoenix, the Coyotes, etc. We thought we would add red to our color palette as to add to the familiarity of the city.

The pieces shown include:

  • Logo
  • Business Set
  • Website Design Homepage
  • Join Now Landing Page
  • Client: The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
  • Date: June, 2013
  • Services: Brand + Identity, Print, Web Design