The Dread Pirate Roberts


The most feared pirate in all of the Seven Seas needed to update his online persona for freelance-pirating services. I of course couldn’t turn down a client like that, so I created a no-nonsense 1 page scrolling website that would not only tell the pirate’s legendary tales, but made it easy for potential new clients to contact the pirate in need of his services.

He paid me by sparing my life. One could say, the best payment of all.


The Design

I of course did this project as a big fan of The Princess Bride, and it should be noted —¬†not for profit and completely for fun. I wanted to keep everything black and white, similar to the character’s costume in the film. I also wanted to try my hand at a simple 1 page scrolling website. Above is my final product.

The pieces shown include:

  • Desktop Web Design
  • Logo
  • Client: The Dread Pirate Roberts
  • Date: July, 2013
  • Services: Pirating, Pillaging and True Love

Good work. Sleep well. I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

The Dread Pirate Roberts