Islas Filipinas Diaspora Foundation Identity


I was tasked with creating a brand new identity for a start-up foundation called Islas Filipinas Diaspora Charitable Foundation. The organization aids legal immigrants from The Philippine Islands in finding education option upon arrival into the United States.


The Design

The client had given me a lot of great feedback for this design. They expressed their fondness of the globe and distinct filipino symbolism, such as the flag. We had gone through quite a few different ideas, as you can see above, but ultimately landed on the easily readable and symbolically identifiable final logo.

  • Client: Islas Filipinas Diaspora Foundation
  • Date: July, 2013

I'm not sure you could have created a stronger or more symbolic logo. I originally thought I wanted something more complex, but the more I look at this final version, the more excited I become about the foundation. Great work!

Andrew Jonathon