IMPACT Awards Printed Collateral


The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s 26th IMPACT Awards Show – Celebrating Businesses in Phoenix! Shown here is the IMPACT Awards Invitation and Show Program. The previous design, which includes a logo and various print and digital pieces, was a collaboration of many designers input over the years. This year, The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce has revisited their own identity, and in turn, have revisited the identities of their other major annual events.


The Design

When I was working on the new look for the IMPACT Awards, I was also working on the main rebrand for the Chamber itself. Previously, the IMPACT Awards were predominantly blue, and had very few consistencies with even the previous Chamber identity (which was a turquoise and purple palette).

Collaborating with my team on the new look and feel for IMPACT Awards, we decided to keep the two looks consistent. The IMPACT Awards are a Phoenix Chamber specific event to celebrate businesses that are members of the Chamber. Keeping the color palettes consistent seemed to be the obvious choice, especially when aiming for our new brand recognition.

The pieces shown include:

  • Invitation
  • Invitation Envelope
  • RSVP Card
  • Award Show Program


  • Client: The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
  • Date: June, 2013
  • Services: Print