Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Annual Report


The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce is celebrating the end of the fiscal year, and with that, they are producing an end of the year report!


The Design

In the past, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce has produced a small and very copy heavy Annual Report. This year, with the celebration of their 125th year in business and a new rebrand, the creative team decided it was time to give the Annual Report a facelift. The piece needed to stay on brand with the Chamber, so the colors and layout were consistent with that familiar look. The piece also needed to stay low in cost and needed to be produced in house. Working in my no-bleed, two-page limitations, I was able to create a functional and memorable annual report.

My goal was to make the great statistics jump off the page! After collaborating with my team, we decided to create an infographic-esque annual report. Each page has a unique layout depending on the provided stats. The new design was well received and has also become a great marketing tool for potential members.

  • Client: The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
  • Date: June, 2013
  • Services: Print

"Wow. The new design has really breathed some life into a once stale document."