BB Dakota


BB Dakota and Jack by BB Dakota is a fashion label headquartered in California. My role as Graphic Artist at BB Dakota includes email design, retouching, simple pattern design, print book layouts, handwritten typography, basic wordpress projects and any other miscellaneous design projects.


The Design

BB Dakota has a very clean and simplistic aesthetic. The photography is always the main focal point in our designs, meaning everything around it should be minimal as to not distract from our imagery. During my time at BB Dakota, we were rebranded by BASIC agency. Art direction from Katherine Brandes and Lauren Osterstock.

The pieces shown include:

  • Email Design
  • Misc Design
  • Retouching
  • Simple Pattern Design
  • Client: BB Dakota, Jack by BB Dakota
  • Date: February, 2016
  • Services: Print, Web Design, Social
  • URL:

it's only fashion

, BB Dakota