2013 ATHENA Awards Rebrand


The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce holds the Annual ATHENA Awards to celebrate women in business.  The previous design, which includes a logo and various print and digital pieces, was a collaboration of many designers input over the years. This year, The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce has revisited their own identity, and in turn, have revisited the identities of their other major annual events.


The Design

When I was working on the new look for ATHENA, I wanted to take into consideration the purple of the previous design. The event itself has many purple accents in things like the stage curtains, center pieces and tablecloths. Due to our strict budget, it was important that the color remain consistent.

Beyond the color, however, I was inspired by both the Greek origins of ATHENA, and the strong women the award show celebrates. I sketched many variations of the logo, before ultimately landing on the olive branches – a symbol familiar with Greece. I also chose to use tall, strong, sans-serif fonts to help accurately capture the strength and power of these women. Lastly, it was important that the logo mix well with The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s logo for dual-branding, and was easily legible for use at the Awards show itself.

The rest of the collateral was able to follow suit. We decided to create a microsite for the event to house the robust content we produce. The design is simple and easy to navigate, and based on a centered layout to cradle the logo. Similarly, the print and digital ads are also in a centered format as well as the nomination evite.

The pieces shown include:

  • Logo
  • Logo Conception Process
  • Microsite Homepage
  • HTML Evite
  • Digital Advertisements
  • Client: The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
  • Date: June, 2013
  • Services: Identity, Web Design