2012 ATHENA Printed Collateral


The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s 25th ATHENA Awards Show – Celebrating Women in Businesses! Shown here is the ATHENA Awards Invitation and Show Program.


The Design

Shown above are a collaboration of design elements from myself and previous designers. The 25th anniversary of the awards show provided me with a fun and unique challenge. Previously, the collateral had been primarily purple, however with this being a big year for ATHENA, we wanted to make it look special. Our budget for the event was not going to expand, so any special inks or foils were out of the question. I decided to make the collateral look a little fancier by adding black. The result was a “high-end/celebratory” looking piece for the same price!

The pieces shown include:

  • Invitation
  • Invitation Envelope
  • RSVP Card
  • Award Show Program


  • Client: Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
  • Date: June, 2013
  • Services: Print