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Originally from California, I moved to Phoenix in 2006 to get my BA in Graphic Design. In 2010, I was able to obtain my degree (and a couple of bonus years experience as an associate level designer) and have been creating wonderful things for people for the last 8 1/2 years.

What Can I Do?

My primary talent lies in creative solutions within graphic design. While web is my favorite, I do enjoy all different kinds of mediums: print, layout, illustration, typography, UI, UX and full scale identity. I have been very lucky in my career thus far and am very well rounded in both print and digital.

Why Do I Create?

All of my life I have been drawn to and excelled at creative subjects. Whether that be theatre, traditional art, writing or photography, I do (or did) it all! Being a graphic designer is perfect because it challenges me in creative ways. I also love collaborating with like-minded people to create things I never thought I could! Brainstorming is easily one of my favorite pastimes!

Being a graphic designer has also pushed me in my personal life. It’s helped me become innovative in my day to day relationships and routines. It even inspired me to start E-Rad’s Cantina, a geek lifestyle blog. I love having the creative outlet and a place to pursue my interests.



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